Rights Card Game

Rights Card game with Primary School Student

The Human Right s Card Game is a learning tool that corresponds with the nature of young game players. Players learn how to address given situations of human rights violations based on human rights principles. Players need to discuss and propose problem-solving ideas in order to convince other players. They have to consider whether proposed solutions could effectively solve problems. The situations provided in the Human Rights Card Game and related to rights to life, liberties, privacy, security, to be free from torture or inhumane treatment, or to religion, freedom of expression, etc.


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The initiative of creating games as learning tools on Human Rights came from the Ministry of Justice who had witnessed the success of Sim Democracy. The Ministry asked FNF for support in developing two innovative tools for students to promote Human Rights awareness.

In collaboration with NGOs, extension packs focusing on a specific set of Human Rights issues were produced, e.g, in collaboration with Amnesty International we produced the Human Rights Defender Cards and with A21 Human Rights Trafficking cards set.

Rights Card Game