Human Rights Education at ABAC University


"What rights do you have?" were collected and were presented by


Human Rights education is essential for every citizen to stand up for their rights as well as protect and respect the rights of others. It is a tool against violence, racism, extremism, discrimination and intolerance.

But Human rights education is often done in a traditional textbook style using conservative teaching methods. To connect Human Rights to daily lives the Foundation in Thailand introduces students at Assumption University to Human Rights in a fun, creative and easy to understand format. The games ask the players to solve various critical scenarios that exist in Thai society. This encourages students to raise Human Rights issues and help them to develop critical and analytical thinking. The games foster the knowledge of Human Rights through interactive tools from a very young age.

An interactive human rights education is introduced to students and encouraged their critical and analytical thinking.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation engaged with a wide networks or partners to develop the games. It started with an idea by the The Rights and Liberties protection Department of the Thai Ministry of Justice. The Foundation then brought together a team of Thai and international human rights experts and professional educative toys and games designers. Since then, the Foundation and its partners brought the games to schools, universities, civil society organizations, and youth camps across in all regions of Thailand. We are working on partnering with organizations that will have the capacity to implement the tools sustainably on a large scale, such as Amnesty International and the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each game session is followed by a lesson learned and feedback session. During the feedback session, students reflected that they improve their critical thinking skills and learn to respect voices differ from their own.

Feedback from students after game workshop

How do the games make players learn of Human Rights?

The 'Rights Cards' game is developed for secondary school children. It turned out to be an effective tool for university students and the general public as well. The game consists of human rights violation scenario cards that need solution cards. The team that solves the most scenarios is the winner. While playing the game, a lot of human rights issues are raised and discussed. The game mechanics establish an immediate connection between the scenarios on the cards and real life. The hands-on experience allows the players take an active role in decision making. It supports them in developing a lasting interest in Human Rights.