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Innovation For Democracy Episode 4
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ChatGPT clearly demonstrates that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at a speed beyond our imagination and may be applied in almost everywhere in our daily life. AI tools can not only answer all kinds of questions but also create contents for users. Anyone can compose a song, code a computer program, or write a poem by using ChatGPT. However, such tools have its intrinsic flaws: the contents and answers provided by AI tools may not be completely accurate and original, or may even involve the risk of infringing on someone’s copyrights or data privacy. Moreover, AI can be also maliciously used: people utilize it to generate disinformation that reads as the words spoken by real human beings at an amazingly fast speed.

AI thus sounds so controversial to human beings, but that inspires us to discover, imagine, and debate whether and how we can turn AI intro a helping force to democracy. In this episode, we will invite Mr. Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs and Dr. David Corney, Senior Data Scientist from the Full Fact to share with us how their organizations have been using AI to combat disinformation. Mr. Ethan Tu will introduce Miin app and other AI programs that Taiwan AI Labs developed to offer users diverse sources of information instead of merely those curated by social media algorithm. Dr. David Corney from the Full Fact will introduce how they build Full Fact AI, an AI software that has been adopted by global civil society members for fact checking and combating disinformation.

The moderator of this event will ask each of the guests to share their projects for around 15 mins, ask them several  questions for the first round of discussion for around 30 mins, and finally offer a QA session for the audience.

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Get to know our guests

Dr. David Corney, Senior Data Scientist at Full Fact

Dr. Corney has worked in artificial intelligence and natural language processing for over 25 years, moving between academic research, large and small tech companies and the charity sector. Much of his work has focused on analyzing news media across multiple platforms using a variety of AI/NLP tools, including ChatGPT and its relatives. At Full Fact, Dr. Corney ’s main role is to help develop technology to support fact checkers across multiple organizations. This includes developing tools to find claims that are worth checking and finding repeats of claims that have already been checked. Creating tools which automatically find and surface check-worthy claims can save fact checkers time every day. And finding when these claims are repeated allows fact checkers to take more direct action, such as asking politicians to correct the record if they make erroneous or misleading statements, or asking regulatory bodies to intervene to disrupt patterns of bad information.

Dr. David Corney

Mr. Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs

Ethan Tu is the founder of Taiwan AI Labs, Asia’s first open AI research organization specializing in next-generation AI solutions. He leads teams to develop AI solutions for drones, smart cities, speech and facial recognition, and programs fighting against fake news. Building people-oriented AI technologies for everyday life has been Ethan’s biggest faith and focus, which explains AI Labs’ mission: “Innovate AI in Taiwan and for the world, bring technology to meet nature and humanity, and create impacts and improvements for human well-being.” He is also well-known as the founder of PTT, Taiwan’s largest and most popular online bulletin board system.

Mr. Ethan Tu