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In Taipei, the FNF Global Innovation Hub aims to spark creative ideas and insights about Innovation for Democracy and research the implications of Digital Transformation in our society by working with the following partners.

Open Culture Foundation


The Open Culture Foundation (OCF), is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, founded in 2014 by several members of Taiwan’s open source community. Their main goal is to support local communities advocate the use of open technologies in broader sectors, including open source software, open hardware, and open data. OCF helps government, enterprises, and NGOs better understand the benefits of adopting open source, and promote the importance of open data to the public sphere. OCF believes that a culture of open collaboration is the foundation for an innovative society, and the engine of a participatory democracy.

Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy


Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy (TYAD) is a nonprofit organization founded in June 2018. It is the first youth rights and democracy advocacy organization in Taiwan that was initiated by a group of university students and fresh graduates from different disciplines. TYAD aims to use youth-oriented approaches to push for youth empowerment and advocate youth policies. To reach their goals, TYAD organizes a variety of workshops and camps regarding issues that are relevant to the youth, and they are also very active on social media, sharing important news articles and current issues with adolescents and the public. They have initiated projects such as the Student Association Empowerment Camp, A Ticket Back Home, and the Youth Policy Dialogue with Taiwan’s Presidential Candidates.

People Powered

People Powered logo

People Powered is a global hub for participatory democracy. The organization developed out of the efforts of 58 participatory democracy leaders across the world, who responded to a need expressed by the participatory democracy community for global coordination of this work. People Powered’s core values are: inclusion, collaboration, problem-solving, equity, and learning. Following these values, the organization develops a variety of programs and tools to support civil society organizations and local governments, mainly in the Global South, who  aim to expand people’s power to make government decisions such as participatory budgeting, participatory policy-making, and citizen assemblies. This includes People Powered’s work to help organizations and institutions learn how to use digital tools and platforms to facilitate civic participation in public affairs. People Powered strives to build a world in which all people and communities have the power to address their needs, uphold their rights, and pursue their dreams through inclusive and responsive government institutions.

FNF Global Innovation Hub will extend its network by cooperating with more like-minded partners in the future.