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Letters to Europe - African Youth Perspectives on the Future Afro - Euro Relations

What do young people in Africa think about the future of Afro-Euro relations?

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has been running a global dialogue since 2022, on how Europe can become more resilient in order to stand up to the enemies of freedom worldwide. This requires bold steps that strengthen the EU internally as well as externally:

  • How can the EU strengthen European defense capabilities and thus make the EU a serious global player in security policy?
  • How can the EU’s economic power be strengthened and its supply of raw materials and energy become less dependent on authoritarian regimes?
  • What can the EU learn from other world regions in this regard?
  • How to truly integrate and unite the EU politically so that it, together with its partners, is capable of defending the liberal world order as a global actor with a common voice?

As a global foundation, FNF looks beyond Europe's borders when answering these questions and involve our international network of expertise and partners. Around the world, we are looking for answers to defend the free world. The inclusion of the young voices from Africa representing the African Leadership Academy (ALA) speaking under this umbrella, and being part of a global dialogue giving insights on what African youth would like the future corporations between Africa and the EU should be like is a crucial one. This, as the EU seeks solutions to geo-political challenges of our time.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is partnering up with ALA on a series of events and initiatives in 2023. The objective of this partnership is to support and enhance the programme objectives between FNF and ALA, leveraging of each other's networks, expertise, and resources to drive and promote youth leadership initiatives for African youth.


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