Lebanon on the EU Migration Roadmap

The journalistic report “Migration Policy Group: Lebanon on the EU Migration Roadmap” was produced by the journalist Mónica Uriel, in the framework of the Migration visiting program to Lebanon organized by the FNF Madrid office with the support of the FNF Lebanon and Syria office. The FNF Madrid Policy Group composed by liberal policy makers and experts from across Europe, North and West Africa, and the Middle East had the opportunity to get to know the reality of migration management in Lebanon first-hand.

The journalistic report gathers refugee’s testimonies as well as experts approaches which shed light on how migration processes shape opportunities and economic challenges in Lebanon, as both a country of origin and destination.

About the FNF Madrid Migration Policy Group

Being aware of the multiple challenges posed by migration management in the Mediterranean region, the Mediterranean Dialogue project of the FNFoffice in Madrid launched the Migration Policy Group in 2020. This initiative aims to bring together liberal policymakers and experts in order to harmonize proposals and political action addressing migration issues.

FNF Madrid has developed a wide array of activities in order to strengthen the Migration Policy Group as well as to stimulate the exchange of ongoing and upcoming initiatives between the EU and its Mediterranean neighbors.