Presenting: Wonder Women of Southeast Asia

Online series showcase wellness as key to success
Wonder Women Series

A digital policy specialist. A human resource professional and homemaker. A business manager turned civil society activist. An architect, technologist, and educator. A frontline doctor. A public official creating spaces for entrepreneurship.

From Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines, join these Wonder Women as they talk about how they overcame challenges, and succeed in their chosen fields. Find out how they are able to balance their responsibilities in their jobs, at home, and in their communities - and their personal well-being.

Wonder Women Speakers

Wonder Women is an online conversation series that highlights women’s achievements in different fields. The discussion puts premium on physical and mental well-being that are crucial given constant hurdles, especially with the pandemic. It will run every Thursday at 3pm GMT +7 from April 29 until June 3, 2021. Yoga exercises are integrated in the program, supervised by a professional instructor who is also the host of the show.

The event is under the banner of FNF’s campaign #Restart21, a call for optimism and action to find innovative ways to adapt to the new normal. 

The event is free of charge. Sign up at