Policy Paper

Indo-Pacific Threats, Security and Cooperation

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast and East Asia and Dr. Alix Valenti  have collaborated to produce “Indo-pacific threats, security and cooperation” a policy paper based on the findings of the INDOPAC (Indo-Pacific) Security Conference on the 5th of September 2022 held in Hamburg, Germany. The policy paper was produced from a wide variety of experts from multiple fields and different countries including Europe, the US and Asia. The following document aims to present the main conference findings including the regional non-traditional threats, regional traditional threats, and recommendations towards a more peaceful and stable Indo-pacific future. 

“If it is true that with great power comes great responsibilities, it is equally true that the INDOPAC’s (Indo-pacific) economic and demographic assets come with great consequences - and therefore responsibilities as well” writes Dr. Alix Valenti “the most important step in addressing existing and emerging security challenges is understanding where obstacles and contradictions lie. Only then can key regional and international actors really start working on identifying solutions through fair compromises” 

We would like to say thank you to Dr. Alix Valenti for this publication. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is honored to be associated with it.


Dr. Alix Valenti is a defense and security expert and journalist with over 15 years of international work. Her work focuses on naval procurement and technological trends around the world, and she regularly contributes to a wide range of defense media including IHS Jane’s, Shepherd Media and Armada International. Dr. Alix Valenti is also the Editor-in-chief of naval forces for two years. 

Dr. Valenti