Human Rights
FNF's Global Human Rights Work

Human Rights

Universal Human Rights Declaration © UN

Addressing human rights violations requires a dedicated commitment to human rights work, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) actively champions this cause. By supporting non-governmental organizations worldwide, we strive to promote and defend human rights. Many of our colleagues have emerged as passionate human rights defenders, contributing significantly to this noble pursuit.

In a compelling series of narratives globally, FNF colleagues share stories that highlights our work in the human right's sphere and their impact. 

While the film acknowledges the tireless efforts of FNF colleagues in the realm of human rights, it only scratches the surface of their endeavours. These include combating oppression, empowering marginalized groups, and advocating for a world where universal human rights are upheld for everyone, regardless of factors such as sex, religion, ethnic background, and more.

We are proud to present the profound impact of FNF's Human Rights Work through this film, capturing glimpses of a relentless pursuit of justice and equality on a global scale.


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In 2023, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom established a Human Rights Hub in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of the Hub is to promote respect for and compliance with human rights and to strengthen the rules-based international legal order. It will support human rights defenders and civil society partners in their pursuit of the rule of law and help them connect – both with each other and with UN organizations in Geneva. Furthermore, the Human Rights Hub will advocate for a free flow of information in the digital space, without state surveillance or persecution, and champion political participation of underrepresented groups, especially of women.

Download the Universal Declaration of Human Rights