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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Highlights from the ABCs of Entrepreneurship Ep2



On July 15th, the picturesque Astbury venue hosted the second edition of the ABCs of Entrepreneurship event, organized by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and WOWsGlobal. This gathering brought together seasoned founders, investors, and young professionals to delve into the world of entrepreneurship. The event covered essential aspects of start-up fundraising, investor insights, and best pitch practices, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and networking opportunities. Let's take a closer look at the key sessions and insights from this empowering event.

Session 1: A to Z of Start-up Fundraising: Simplifying the Jargon

The event commenced with an informative presentation by CEO Gagan Singh. In this session, he skilfully simplified the complex world of business fundraising abbreviations, metrics, and terminology. This knowledge was invaluable for both seasoned founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to grasp the essentials of start up financing.

Session 2: A Glimpse into the Variety of Investors

In our second session, attendees were treated to an insightful panel discussion featuring experienced investors from different firms. Winchell Wong, Senior Associate at Gentree Fund, Gabriella Rodriguez, Investment Associates at Kaya Founders, Catrina Magsadia, Investments at Foxmont Capital, and Artie Lopez, Investments at First Asia Venture Capital all came together to discuss their respective investment philosophies, biases, and preferences. The panel addressed various topics such as check sizes, industry preferences, capital deployment rates, relationships with limited partners (LPs), and internal structures. This comprehensive discussion provided crucial insights for new start-ups seeking funding and honing their fundraising techniques. The panel's moderator, Tharin Sethi, facilitated the conversation, enriching the experience for the audience.


Session 3: Filipino Start-ups Best Pitch Practices

The last session was dedicated to highlighting the best pitch practices of Filipino start-ups. Four founders from Pieza, Prosperna, Revastaff, and SolX each had 10 minutes to present their pitches. Following each presentation, the esteemed investors provided valuable feedback to help the start-ups refine their pitch decks. This interactive and engaging session allowed attendees to learn from real-life examples, gaining valuable insights into what makes a successful pitch. Samantha Kapunan moderated this showcase panel, ensuring a seamless and informative experience for all participants.


Networking Event:

After the enriching sessions, the event concluded with a networking session over delectable canapés. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and potential investors. These networking opportunities are essential for fostering meaningful connections and building a strong entrepreneurial community.



The ABCs of Entrepreneurship event held on July 15th proved to be a resounding success, empowering entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities. Through sessions on start-up fundraising, investor diversity, and pitch practices, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape in the Philippines. The event's collaborative efforts by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, WOWsGlobal, and Brainsparks showcased the power of bringing together experts and enthusiasts to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. As we look forward to the next event, the learnings and connections from ABCs of Entrepreneurship will undoubtedly continue to shape and uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Philippines.

Watch our ABCs of Entrepreneurship videos here. 

ABCs of Entrepreneurship:


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Regional Office, in collaboration with WOWs Global, kick-started the inaugural ABCs of Entrepreneurship event on May 13th at The Great Room, Gaysorn Tower. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 90 founders, co-founders, and investors.

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