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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) would like to cooperate with five freelance journalists in Southeast and East Asia by supporting their research and their publication of a feature article or a video about "Business and Human Rights.“ Our mini-scholarship includes training by high-profile journalists and a 2,000 Euro honorarium for your article or video.

Background: Economies in Southeast and East Asia have grown immensely over the past decades through hard work, capital investment and international trade. Jobs were created, incomes improved, and hundreds of millions of people lifted out of poverty. But not all have benefited from the massive economic boom, injustices have yet to be overcome. Some businesses abuse human rights, including violations of worker ́s rights, child labor, exploitation and slave work. Sometimes production results in environmental pollution, such as water contamination or the depletion of natural resources. In 2011, the United Nations adopted Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Ten years later, is the situation worse or better? Please find, research and tell us a Business and Human Rights Story about a person, a group or a company – good or bad.

We offer:
Multiple training-sessions with high-profile journalists
2.000 Euro Honorarium for your article or video (English)
International recognition via publication of your article or video by FNF (FNF website plus social media channels)
Networking with other young aspiring journalists

We look for:
Freelance journalists from Southeast or East Asia who have less than five years work-experience, solid journalism skills, treasure journalistic ethics and standards, are fluent in English and share FNF ́s liberal values
A feature article (650 to 800 words) OR a video (10 to 15 min.)

Please apply before 15 May 2021 by sending your CV, links to your previous work and a half-page pitch for your story to