API ASEAN Integration report 2021
API ASEAN Integration report 2021 is released


Economic Freedom is one of the main topics that we give a close attention to, especially in ASEAN. The process of ASEAN Economic integration is still so far to be fully completed. On this noted, our regional partner IDEAS Malaysia is the organization that monitors such process under the project name ASEAN Prosperity Initiatives. This year, API ASEAN Integration report was published as a project of the yearlong research on the economic integration. In this year’s report, API covers 4 chapters which are:

  1. ASEAN Power Grid
    1. An initiative to build interconnections to connect the power grids of different AMS and facilitate power trade among them with the ultimate aim of an integrated Southeast Asia power grid system.
  2. ASEAN Integration toward Food Security: Opportunities and Challenges
    1. This chapter focuses on regional integration through trade and cooperation as one crucial part of the food systems transformation. Also, the future of the food transformation in the region in the future’s crises and the ongoing climate crisis that threatens agriculture production and supply chain.
  3. The Acceleration towards a Digital Economy: Distributive and Disruptive Impacts, and Policy Responses
    1. This chapter aims to contribute to the discussion of the impacts of the 4IR by synthesizing the often neglected, potentially inclusive or inequality-offsetting effects, and examining national and regional policy choices in the short and long run that can assist in the adjustment to a new normal.
  4. Greening ASEAN: Pathways and Challenges
    1. The paper looks at data and climate projections for ASEAN at the regional level instead of each member state's unique national circumstances and discusses existing regional efforts in ASEAN while highlighting the critical gaps that must be addressed to ensure economic

If you are interested in previous studies from API research team, you can find the link to the API website here: https://www.aseanprosperity.org/

API ASEAN Integration report 2021