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Women in Georgia stand together

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"I met so many strong and inspiring women," said the former member of the parliament of Berlin from FDP during her visit to the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Maren Jasper-Winter gave a speech at the "Women in Politics" conference to an audience of more than 150 women from different regions of Georgia. They discussed how women could get a stronger voice in politics with the representatives of the five liberal political parties in Georgia. In conclusion, the representatives of the Liberal parties signed a declaration pledging to undertake concrete measures aimed at advancing women within their respective parties.

In her speech, Maren Jasper-Winter spoke about the role of women in politics and society. She said that women have changed the face of politics in many European countries, and there is already much to celebrate. Despite the tremendous achievements, the state of gender equality in many parts of Europe and the world remains disastrous. Inequality and discrimination against women are not the exception, but unfortunately a rule.

She did not hold back in her criticism. She pointed out that even in Germany, 50% of the members of the Bundestag are not women, indicating the existence of numerous obstacles. Turning to Georgia, she discussed the challenges faced by women politicians in the country, highlighting the different party structures of the five liberal parties as a contributing factor.