Media Environment 2022

Media Environment 2022: Threats and supporting mechanisms in Georgia

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A recent study conducted by our partner, "Media Voice," delves into the impact of political polarization and crisis in Georgia on media vitality. The study particularly focuses on the safety and protection of journalists in Georgia, the investigation process of crimes committed against them, and the measures being taken to prevent violence.

The research emphasizes the influence of political polarization and crises on the media's viability and how both global and local crises, including Russia's war in Ukraine, affect the media environment. Furthermore, the study examines the degree to which journalists are safeguarded in Georgia and how crimes committed against them are investigated, along with any steps being taken to ensure accountability.

In light of the ongoing challenges in recent years, the study analyzes the current threats concerning self-censorship and freedom of expression.

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    The study will cover the following topics:

    1. The impact of Russia's war in Ukraine on the Georgian media environment.
    2. Political polarization as a threat to media credibility.
    3. Russian hybrid war and polarization in Georgian media.
    4. "Legal pathways" of media harassment in Georgia, including the arrest of the founder of Mtavari TV channel and changes in the Law of Georgia in Broadcasting.
    5. Challenges to freedom of expression, including access to sources.
    6. Impunity for crimes committed against journalists.
    7. Safety of journalists, including physical and verbal violence, and the microphone as a trigger of aggression.
    8. Media viability and financial challenges.
    9. Institutionalization of solidarity and resilience in the media environment.
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