EU & Georgia
European Parliament Vice President Nicola Beer in Georgia

Nicola Beer in Tbilisi
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FNF South Caucasus Office hosted Nicola Beer, Vice President of the European Parliament, in Tbilisi, Georgia. During her visit, she engaged in fruitful discussions with the FNF heads of South Caucasus, Russia/Central Asia Office in Exile, and Ukraine and Belarus. She also met with the representatives of Georgian liberal parties to discuss the country's European integration aspirations. Among the political leaders, Ms. Beer met with Badri Japaridze from "Lelo for Georgia," Giorgi Vashadze from "Strategy Aghmashenebeli," and Ana Chikovani from "Girchi More Freedom." These meetings served as a platform to exchange views on Georgia's current political landscape and explore avenues for strengthening Georgia's European integration process.

Ms. Beer also had the opportunity to meet with the writer Nino Haratishvili and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Maia Panjikidze. These meetings provided valuable insights into the perspectives of Georgian civil society and offered a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of the individuals working towards Georgia's European future.