Neighbouring Russia
The Caucasus after Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine

Neighbourning Russia

The war in Ukraine has a major negative impact, especially on countries that suffer from territorial conflicts and have experienced wars in which Russia played an important role. Are old fronts in the Caucasus now breaking up again because Russian troops are tied up in Ukraine? What political reactions followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia? How do the citizens of these states discuss the Russian invasion? This is what we will find out from George Melashvili, president of the Europe-Georgia Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia, and Mikayel Zolyan, researcher, analyst, and university professor at Valery Bryusov State University in Yerevan, Armenia. This event will be moderated by Gigi Gigiadze, Senior Researcher at the Economic Policy Research Center in Tbilisi.

About our series „Neighbouring Russia“: How did Russia's neighboring countries react one year after the full scale attack on Ukraine? That is what the Friedrich Naumann Foundation wants to explore in a twelve-part virtual series of events. Together with international experts, we examine individual countries or regions and discuss important domestic and foreign policy processes.

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George Melashvili the founder and President of the Europe-Georgia Institute, a hybrid non-governmental organization based in Georgia. Until now it has evolved into one of Georgia’s leading civil society organizations and has become a member of the European Liberal Forum.


Gigi Gigiadze

...joined the Economic Policy Research Center as Senior Fellow in March 2021. Before he was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Iceland with residence in Copenhagen.


Mikayel Zolyan a researcher, analyst and university professor at Valery Bryusov State University in Yerevan, and working as a consultant with Armenian and international NGOs. He is also the host of a TV show at a recently established Armenian educational channel “Boon TV”.