Call for Proposal
Knowledge Partner for the organization of a Hackathon


Countries in South Asia are increasingly important partners for the European Union – as security partners in the Indo-Pacific, as a base of suppliers to European companies and consumers, as partners to tackle climate change, and as a talent base. These partnerships are not always easy though. In the area of trade, free trade negotiations between India and the EU are stuck; other countries in the region are on the verge of losing their GSP+ status. The often-emphasized value partnership goes only so far, as demonstrated recently during the war in Ukraine. Most countries of the region are on a much more pragmatic course than the European Union, emphasizing interests more than values.

In an effort to develop ideas to strengthen cooperation and understanding between countries in South Asia and the European Union specifically in the area of LGBTQ rights and issues, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is looking for a consultant to organize a hackathon.

Scope of Work

  • Organization of a hackathon in two rounds, ie. a digital round in April with 10-15 teams and an in-person event in Kathmandu with the three winning teams from the first round.
  • Providing and managing the technical setup as well as advice on the logistics particularly for the in-person event.
  • Drawing up and implement a communication and marketing plan in coordination with the Foundation.
  • Identifying an MC
  • Identifying in consultation with the foundation three suitable jury members, prepare a briefing and draw up a rating matrix.
  • Advising the Foundation on the formulation of the problem statements.


  • Organizations and individuals from across the South Asia region can apply, preference is given to Delhi-based candidates as the Regional Office of the Foundation is in Delhi.
  • Candidates should have a proven track record in the organization of competitions – online as well as in-person – and specifically hackathons.
  • Candidates should have experience in working on LGBTQ issues.

How to apply

Until 15 February 2023, please send your application to along with the following documents/details:

  • brief profile outlining past experience
  • list of references
  • brief on the methodology
  • expected remuneration