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Disinformation and the threat to democracy

Democracy is under threat worldwide. Disinformation campaigns deliberately seeking to polarise public opinion and undermine trust in government are wreaking havoc with democratic institutions and...

Disinformation and Democracy

Covid-19 vaccine: Why we should bow to capitalism right now

Critics of capitalism often accuse pharmaceutical companies of greedy profit-making at the expense of the poor and sick. However, the development of a vaccine in the corona pandemic also shows that...

Karl-Hein Paqué

Independence of the Judiciary: 10 Years Freedom Barometer

Freedom Barometer - Independence of the Judiciary

Thomas Clausen

Officer for Education and Research

Thomas Clausen

Natálie Maráková

Project Manager
FNF Prague

Natálie Maráková

Guinea: The downfall of democracy?

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis Guinea’s president Alpha Condé organized a double parliamentary and constitutional referendum vote. With presidential elections upcoming for the end of 2020 a...

Cellou Dalein Diallo

Coping with the outbreak in the Vietnamese way – a role model?

The world is currently teetering on the brink of the global health crisis. After the longest economic boom of modern times after 2008, many seemed to have forgotten that economic crises have always...


#FemaleForward International

#FemaleForwardInternational presents the stories of powerful women worldwide rising above the tide and classic hierarchies. 

Female Forward

Kaka Bag-ao

In the Philippines, women tend to be puppets in political positions that male family members vacated until the men are eligible to run again. Dinagat Islands Governor Kaka Bag-ao proved that this...

Kaka Bag-ao

Bui Thi Suu

In Vietnam, a country with a growing manufacturing industry and almost 50% of the employees being female, gender discrimination is still a tremendous issue. Business executive Bui Thi Suu implemented...

Bui Thi Suu