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Finishing an unfinished Symphony

On Thursday, 12 November 2020, MIAGI - Music is a great Investment partnered with FNF Africa to present a live-streamed roundtable event “Finishing an unfinished Symphony”. The event is a follow up to...

Finishing an unfinished symphony

A Puerta Cerrada

El nuevo coronavirus, que ha devastado el mundo desde principios de 2020, reveló que la desinformación existe fuera de la política en un grado alarmante y su difusión va en aumento a través de...

FNF Greece: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards 2020

For the second consecutive year, the Greek office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organized the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards, titled “Innovate Greece 2020”. Given the...

Innovation Awards

Report on Freedom of the Press in Turkey

Domestically, all critical groups complain about the government’s pressure on media more than ever before. In this context, Freedom Research Association has been monitoring the state of the freedom of...


Corruption: 10 Years Freedom Barometer

Freedom Barometer - Corruption


Disinformation hands

Jordan Votes: Symbolic Ritual or Indicator of Change?

The US election campaign is just over. In Jordan it is still in full swing and at the same time reveals the differences between the two political and, above all, societal systems. Although you cannot...


Rule of Law Freedom: 10 Years Freedom Barometer

Freedom Barometer - Rule of Law Freedom

Freedom to Trade Internationally: 10 Years Freedom Barometer

Freedom Barometer - Freedom to Trade Internationally

Size of Government: 10 Years Freedom Barometer

Freedom Barometer - Size of Government