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Corruption Risk: Political Financing and Accountability

The entire system is in shambles because we failed to address the political system reforms that have been discussed since 2008. It cannot be done by politicians, but it is up to the civil society...

Corruption Risk: Political Financing and Accountability

Innovate to Investigate

Innovate to Investigate

Initiating, planning and managing coalitions

FNF is privileged to have representations by the esteemed panellists and contributors to discuss and unpack similarities, challenges and best practices against the experiences shared in the new ALN...

Coalition governments

When human rights takes over comic strip: a fight for human rights in cartoonists perspective

“How can I be neutral, even my pen has a stand,” a quote from a famous Malaysian political cartoonist, Zunar has shared his view on how important it is to speak up about the injustice in the country.

Human Rights in ASEAN

Cartoonists tell the stories of human rights issues in Southeast Asia

Cartoonists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand display their artworks to reflect human rights issues in their home countries at Human Rights in ASEAN – The Cartoonists...


Liberal Voices on Circularity

On its course “from strategy to delivery”, the European Commission presented its new “Fit for 55” climate package last week. The target is to cut CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. The goal is ambitious...

Sustainability Week 1 Banner

Sri Lanka firms with global links learn to compete better and raise standards

Sri Lanka firms with foreign investment or demanding global customers learns to raise standards and compete while protected firms may be left behind, participants of an online seminar said.


Idea, Innovation, and Impact

Through the iValues Awards, we seek to transform values into actions and projects that will help improve politics and policy making in the MENA region. We dissected politics into two main categories...

Idea, Innovation, and Impact

That’s the spirit of Liberalism, that’s the spirit we need!

The authentic Liberal Academy was present also in 2021. Following the hygienic measures against COVID-19, the Young Liberals Greece and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, joined forces...

Liberal Academy