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Austria’s Perspective on the Three-Seas-Initiative

Austria, whose economy and infrastructure are generally more advanced compared to those of other member states, believes to profit from participating in the Three-Seas-Initiative nonetheless. Being a...

Three seas initiative Austria

Estonia's Perspective on the Three-Seas-Initiative

Since the inception of the Three Seas Initiative, Estonia has been an extremely loyal and committed member. It sees enormous potential in the initiative and is greatly involved in developing the...

Three Seas Initiative Estonia

Member States of the Three Seas Initiative in Comparison

After a thorough analysis of each individual member state of the Three Seas Initiative, it became clear that their respective engagement in the initiative is not of equal depth and dedication. Member...

Three seas initative

Prisoner of Conscience: Alexandra Skochilenko

“The Russian army has bombed the art school in Mariupol. 400 people were sheltering there during the bombing.”, was one of Alexandra Skochilenko anti-war slogans, put onto price tags in a supermarket...

Alexandra Skochilenko

Outlook for Hungary 2023

How it is possible that the populist autocrat Orbán won the 2022 parliamentary election despite the economy crisis, the severity of which can be linked with his rule in the preceding ruling period...

Hungarian flag

Executive Office

Executive Office

Because Private Property Matters

Together with its partner Audace Institut Afrique, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation initiated a land rights project in Côte d'Ivoire. In five model villages, land rights were documented through the use of innovative technological approaches. The

Because Private Property Matters

Digital Transformation

We live in a digital era where enterprises and authorities see the need to adopt digital technology to foster their work and adapt to new realities; digital transformation has changed the interaction...

Digital Transformation

Middle East and North Africa

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