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Property Rights Indispensable to Brighter Future for Women in Africa

Women in Africa remain excluded from the benefits of property ownership, and this must receive the attention of African policy makers and society at large. This is the message from a new study by the...

Property rights

With RCEP, is post-pandemic recovery for ASEAN in sight?

After eight years of discussion, the RCEP agreement was reached during the ASEAN virtual meeting in Hanoi. Many people have high hopes that it can become the solution for ASEAN’s economic recovery...


The Danger of Living with Albinism in a Highly Superstitious Society

While he speaks openly about his condition, he is clearly still very distressed by the circumstances in which he lost his elder brother, Enoch Lugadiru, almost exactly five years ago. Enoch died after...


Abortion in Senegal: The Dilemma of Single Women

"A friend told me about a clinic that performs medical abortions clandestinely but in good conditions. However, they gave me an estimate that exceeds my annual salary and Matar does not want to...

Abortion Senegal

Survey: Liberalism in Greece, today

(C) FNF Greece

A Puerta Cerrada

El nuevo coronavirus, que ha devastado el mundo desde principios de 2020, reveló que la desinformación existe fuera de la política en un grado alarmante y su difusión va en aumento a través de...

FNF Greece: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards 2020

For the second consecutive year, the Greek office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organized the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards, titled “Innovate Greece 2020”. Given the...

Innovation Awards

Report on Freedom of the Press in Turkey

Domestically, all critical groups complain about the government’s pressure on media more than ever before. In this context, Freedom Research Association has been monitoring the state of the freedom of...


In Jordan’s Elections, Citizens’ Distrust is the Winner

Less than 30% of Jordanian eligible voters casted their ballots in the parliamentary elections of 10 November. As predicted, the low turnout confirms the failure of an election celebrated in a bad...


Photo Collage of COVID-19 Change and Challenges in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s economy is primarily informal. The southern African nation, with a score of 60,6 percent, has the world’s second largest informal economy after Bolivia (62,3 percent), according to the...

Zim Photobook