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A Walk to Remember

Europe for the first time! Lots of excitement accumulated in me, and also clouds of fear. Due to the different cultural backgrounds, I was a bit afraid if I would be able to use the time properly...

Photos of Smart Cities and Modern Mobility IAF Workshop in 2018

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Podcast serijal: Budućnost demokratije

Centar za antiautoritarne studije je konačno pokrenuo svoj podkast - #podcaast! U narednim sedmicama očekuju vas prve četiri epizode u kojima se sa odabranim sagovornicima razgovara o kompleksnom...

CAAS Podcast

We all need more freedom

Dhaka office of FNF organized a program for friends and partners to celebrate the Foundation’s 60 year anniversary. Titled “60 Years for Freedom! Promoting Liberalism for a better society”, partners...

FNF’s 60 year anniversary celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Different People, Same Rights. The rights of same-sex couples in Bulgaria

Over the past years, LGBTI equality laws and policies have slowly but steadily advanced all across Europe. When it comes to the LGBTI domain in Bulgaria, however, the picture is more than alarming.

Different people, same rights

Reshape Bulgaria, Reshape Europe!

Students’ responses to questions regarding Bulgaria's future were presented at the international conference “Reshape Bulgaria, Reshape Europe“ on 12 October 2017.

Reshape Bulgaria, Reshape Europe Conference

Liberal Ideas

Liberalism, as the name implies, is the fundamental belief in a political ideal where individuals are free to pursue their own goals in their own ways provided they do not infringe on the equal...


Innovation, research, populism, pop culture, a Hayek book club, a political talk show hosted by two law students and more. Listen to the different podcasts created by our partners in Bolivia, Chile...


Myanmar’s first TV Show against False News

Myanmar is a disinformation and hate speech hotspot: During the run-up to the elections on November 8, NGOs like the US Charter Center registered a significant increase of disinformation on Facebook...

FFF Myanmar

FNF Bulgaria