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ARISE Philippine Act: Flatten the Curve, Not the Economy

ARISE Philippine ActFlatten the Curve, Not the Economy By Hon. Stella Quimbo, PhDRepresentative, 2nd District of Marikina City Presentation of Rep. Quimbo during the FNF Learning Series featuring a...

ARISE Philippine Act

Peace House Shelter - A home to stay after the storm

Vietnamese folk has the saying “Một điều nhịn, chín điều lành”, which means “You have to suffer, peace will come”. However, perhaps in this modern society and ...

Peace House Shelter - FNF Vietnam

Temporary measure or a long-term violation?

With the current political situation in Southeast Asia where violation of human rights has become widespread, people are worried about the possibility of government intruding further into their...

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FNF COFFEE TALK - Kick start with the first Online Seminar

On June 2, 2020, FNF Vietnam had organized the very first live streaming event, being the first event of the Online Seminar series called “FNF Coffee Talk”.

FNF Coffee Talk series

"No Women, No Recovery"

As many female public officials have found during the pandemic, being politically-active in a time of crisis can be dangerous. Violence against women is both a symptom and indicator of broader...

Gender Equality


The project started while the whole world was locked down and continued as a lockdown was lifted.

Projekt Lockdown Bildschirmschoner

Winds of Change in Oman: High foreign investment increases economic freedom

In today’s world, where there is a lot of pessimism and protectionism all around, some good news come from the Middle East. The winds of change blew in Oman at the beginning of 2020.


“I will come back one day”

The refugee route is not just the fate of Syrian refugees. In recent years, more and more journalists from Turkey have been trying to flee to Europe via Greece. What drives them to follow this...

Cagdas Kaplan upon his arrival in Athens.

How do Smart Cities Combat COVID-19?

fnf korea

Situation of LGBTI+ Employees in the Private and Public Sector in Turkey

Kaos GL Association has conducted this research for the private sector since 2015 and for the public sector since 2017. The focus of the research are the hiring processes, general working conditions...