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About Us - Prague -

In 2004, the Central European and Baltic countries joined the European Union as new members. Democratic, pluralistic and free market oriented institutional structures were established in all of these...

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Innovation, research, populism, pop culture, a Hayek book club, a political talk show hosted by two law students and more. Listen to the different podcasts created by our partners in Bolivia, Chile...


Myanmar’s first TV Show against False News

Myanmar is a disinformation and hate speech hotspot: During the run-up to the elections on November 8, NGOs like the US Charter Center registered a significant increase of disinformation on Facebook...

FFF Myanmar

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Our Work

Friedrich Naumann Biography

Friedrich Naumann, after whom the Foundation is named, is considered to be the founder of modern liberalism in the German Empire at the beginning of the last century. With his political commitment and...

Friedrich Naumann

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Naumann Foundation relocates Global Innovation Hub to Taipei

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom will relocate its Global Innovation Hub to Taipei in early 2021. With its domestic political stability and pluralistic and liberal social structures...

Der Global Innovation Hub der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit wird in Taipei wiedereröffnet.

Behind Closed Curtains: Disinformation on messenger services

Disinformation is not a phenomenon of the digital era. It has always been used to damage political opponents and destabilise societies. However, the popular use of social media and messenger services...

Behind Closed Curtains