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LGBTQ Rights in times of COVID-19

In a relaxed series of web-talks, the FNF talks to its partner organisations in the field of civil and human rights what particularly moves them in times of "Covid19 pandemic", how they perceive the...

LGBTQ Rights in times of COVID

Meet Burcu Karakas from Turkey

“I cannot stand it when a human being is humiliated, so that’s the reason I do journalism — to remind people they have rights. It can be a child that is being abused, it can be a migrant who is...

Burcu Karakas

A Walk to Remember

Europe for the first time! Lots of excitement accumulated in me, and also clouds of fear. Due to the different cultural backgrounds, I was a bit afraid if I would be able to use the time properly...

Photos of Smart Cities and Modern Mobility IAF Workshop in 2018

ABOUT FNF Ukraine -

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Bangladesh’s Digital Security Act

Article 39(2) of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh guarantees the “right of every citizen to freedom of speech and expression” and the “freedom of the press”. It is one of a list...

Digital Security

Podcast serijal: Budućnost demokratije

Centar za antiautoritarne studije je konačno pokrenuo svoj podkast - #podcaast! U narednim sedmicama očekuju vas prve četiri epizode u kojima se sa odabranim sagovornicima razgovara o kompleksnom...

CAAS Podcast

We all need more freedom

Dhaka office of FNF organized a program for friends and partners to celebrate the Foundation’s 60 year anniversary. Titled “60 Years for Freedom! Promoting Liberalism for a better society”, partners...

FNF’s 60 year anniversary celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Looming Uncertainty

In Bangladesh, parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 30. Sheikh Hasina, current Prime Minister, has been in office since early 2009. She is the longest serving ruler in the history of the...

Preparation of Bangladesh General Elections 2018

Different People, Same Rights. The rights of same-sex couples in Bulgaria

Over the past years, LGBTI equality laws and policies have slowly but steadily advanced all across Europe. When it comes to the LGBTI domain in Bulgaria, however, the picture is more than alarming.

Different people, same rights

Meet Liza Simbirskaya from Russia

How to normalize being gay in Russia? Screenwriter Liza Simbirskaya talks about her approach of gently challenging homophobic narratives through art. “I am trying to live by the samurai wisdom, or...

Liza Simbirskaya