Future Citizens Project
Mayor Dan Plato Launches Youth Civic Education Workshops

Future Citizens Project: Volunteer Youth Facilitators Needed
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Mayor Plato has long prioritised the development of youth into well rounded individuals who are able to shape their communities. Since 2018, Mayor Plato has been pioneering the Life Counts Programme to offer youth an opportunity to join leadership camps, be exposed to study opportunities, and create safe spaces for young people to focus on building their hopes and dreams. 

“I understand that many communities in Cape Town find themselves in difficult situations which make it difficult for youth to live out their talents and use their skills to improve their life and the lives of those around them. But I believe we can improve communities, and the future for all who live in Cape Town, if we work together as active citizens. This is why I am launching the Future Citizens Project.” says Executive Mayor Dan Plato

The Future Citizens Project is a partnership between The Future of Local Government platform, the Office of the Mayor of Cape Town, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom to promote youth participation in civic issues and democratic processes. It is a series of civic education workshops designed to create environments for youth to discuss local government issues and their role in improving communities.

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As a programme designed by youth for youth, and which will be implemented by youth, it is a peer-to-peer empowerment project from concept to completion, with the full support of Mayor Dan Plato.

“Youth are the future of Cape Town and I am confident that there are talented individuals across our city who have the passion, drive, and ideas to improve the lives of their neighbours, friends, and family. Young people have my full support in ensuring that we are prepared for the future with innovative governance today that empowers youth for tomorrow,” says Executive Mayor Dan Plato