Vibing to the Beat of Freedom

The search for the #FreedomSong2021
Freedom Song Top 5 Finalists
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Music is a powerful uplift – a medium to express one’s self, and a means to connect with one another. A universal language that unifies communities, and shapes society.

For this reason the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Philippines launched this year’s “Freedom Song” songwriting contest. A competition that highlights the importance of self-expression, people’s participation, and the value of freedom as we live through the new normal in light with the still ongoing Covid pandemic.

A month post the call for applications, an overwhelming 75 entries from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were screened and the Top 10 were pre-selected by FNF Philippines. These songs will be featured in the Freedom Song Playlist that will be available on Spotify.

From here Jungee Marcelo, Reese Lansangan, and Noel Cabangon, all serving as both judges and mentors to participants of the competition, have selected the Top 5 finalists. The finalists have already undergone mentoring sessions and will compete in an online concert in November 2021.

Get to know the Freedom Songwriters

In a world where freedom is being challenged, the songwriters hope to inspire every Filipino to stand up for freedom, and to address injustices and inequality in society.  These songs serve as a beacon of hope in a dreary world tainted by the pandemic and the social living conditions today.


Hnda na si Juana - Mack
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Two men enlightened about women’s issues have decided to share their talents, and empower women through their song HANDA NA SI JUANA. The song about freedom from violence against women is written by Chester Francisco, and accompanied by the music of Mark Paderes. The perfect song interpretation of their friend, Kim completed their vision for their original music composition. Handa na si Juana encompasses all issues such as violence, oppression, age, inequality, and many more.


Sa Bagong Panahon - Anthurium
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Anthurium is an up-and-coming independent band from Agusan Del Sur. The group includes singer-songwriter Ariel and music-arranger, CJ, who created the song Sa Bagong Panahon. The piece aims to convey hope, the choice for happiness, and the reflection of how freedom can be achieved through cooperation. Drawing inspiration from the pandemic, the song provides a positive outlook in these trying times.


Tayo Ay Malaya - Kenneth Reodica
© FNF Philippines

An advocate of freedom and democracy, Kenneth Reodica actively participates in social issues through songwriting. We have already heard him last year when he became a finalist in the Living Freedom Songwriting Contest. This year, he is taking another chance to inspire his listeners with his song, Tayo Ay Malaya. An upbeat piece about freedom, and a reminder that we have the power to create positive change.


Hyperlink to Freedom - M&M
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A mother and son duo, Mora & Mora, aka Mom & Me, discovered their mutual love for music during the pandemic. Ian, a violinist and a member of the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra, linked his music to his mom’s passion for creative writing. Their tight bond over the pandemic influenced their creative process in creating their song, Hyperlink to Freedom. As advocates of mental health, they hope to relay the importance of empathy and compassion, especially during these trying times.


Make it Louder - Never The Cool Kids
© FNF Philippines

Never The Cool Kids or NTCK reigns from various provinces in the Philippines namely Nueva Vizcaya, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, and Kidapawan, which is how they came up with the acronym for their group. Ruth, the vocalist of the band, is a registered pharmacist and academic instructor with a passion for music; Red, the lyricist, is a law student; and Justin, the youngest member of the group, is a music producer. Their song Make It Louder amplifies the call for participation and the power of the youth who are taking a stand for freedom.

Sing Along to Freedom

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