Player 175: Freedom Cycle helped me become a law-abiding cyclist

Freedom Cycle Club
© FNF Philippines

Green light. Red light.

The 1033 participants of Freedom Cycle Virtual Edition better understand their rights as road users, and their personal responsibilities for their own road safety.

“The virtual race helped me become a law-abiding cyclist. I am now also aware of the Magna Carta of Commuters bill,” said Timothy Santelises who was among the first 200 to register 15KM. He was assigned race bib number 175.

“I learned that people have equal rights in using our public roads and highways. I also learned that I, as a cyclist, have a responsibility to uphold,” echoed Mary Joy Bolina. “I feel more safe and confident riding my bicycle,” she added. Bolina was up at 5am on 25 October, when the official race started.

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In the course of one week, from October 25-31, the participants completed 30 kilometers from any location. The virtual race had registrants from as far north as Benguet and as far south as Zamboanga. Using the fitness app Strava to track the participants’ cycling activities, Freedom Cycle also became a friendly competition – the first 200 cyclists to complete 15KM received a shirt and a bike reflector.

“This was really a great and an unforgettable experience for me as a cyclist. Even though it was virtual and I could not see my opponents, I felt the competition but also the camaraderie. We all were able to build friendships with the other cyclists,” shared Jimuel delos Santos who placed ninth in the Top 200 list. He completed 15KM in just 31 minutes and 44 seconds.

The Freedom Cycle Virtual Edition was organized by FNF Philippines to promote smart mobility rights, and amplify initiatives towards a “safe, convenient, and affordable commute with dignity.” It served as a call to action to prioritize transport-related legislation, such as the Magna Carta of Commuters that ensures the right to infrastructure for cyclists, and the right to a fair share of public road space. It also became a platform to share tips and lessons on road safety.

“I really enjoyed the virtual event, and it motivated me to use my bike more, not just in my leisure activities but also in my errands, and as my everyday commute,” remarked TM Laron, a young female cyclist from Bulacan.

Freedom Cycle
Sebastian Baladad completed 692.7 during Freedom Cycle's seven-day race period. He topped the Strava Leaderboard. © Freedom Cycle Club

Overall, Freedom Cycle recorded a total distance of 77,869 kilometers and 2,690 activities.

Cyclist and vlogger Eloiza Regaliza, who was among the participants, further encouraged cyclists: Ride a bike – to get to places, to stay healthy, to preserve the environment, to be with friends and family. For Freedom.

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