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Freedom Cycle: Keep Moving For Freedom
Freedom Cycle: Keep Moving For Freedom © FNF Philippines

Sign up in FNF Philippines' cycling event, and receive a shirt and a bike reflector!

Register until October 23, 2021 at, and join the virtual race on October 25-31, 2021. Join the Freedom Cycle Club on Strava mobile app, and record your commute or your spin bike exercise. One-week period is allotted to complete 30 kilometers by cycling outdoor or indoor. The first 200 cyclists to complete half the required distance (15KM) will get the Freedom Cycle safety gear. No registration fee is required.

If there could be a silver lining to this pandemic, it is the fact that more people have turned to cycling as a means of transport.

FNF Philippines aims to bring the cycling community in one platform where members can discuss environmental sustainability, road sharing safety, and mobility rights that lead to economic freedom. It has always promoted the use of bike to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to encourage active transport and smart mobility. Over 2,000 cyclists participated in its Freedom Cycle events in Iloilo City in 2016, and in Naga City in 2017. This time, the activity goes online.

Check out the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on the Freedom Cycle Virtual Edition below:

What is it about?

A virtual cycling activity is a race event that can be completed at your convenience. Finish the required distance at any point during the given window time at a location of your choice. There's no official starting line! Record your cycling activity as part of your commute, or your exercise on your indoor spin bike!

Your race record is maintained by Strava fitness app. The details are shared with the race organizer who will monitor your progress, and send your virtual cycle gear and race certificate.

How is Freedom Cycle unique?

Unlike other virtual cycling events, we’re not requiring a joining fee.

You need to finish 30KM, and if you are among the first 200 participants to complete half the required distance, or 15KM, you will receive a shirt and a bike reflector! When you get your package, our only request is that you post a photo of yourself with our Freedom Cycle gear to further promote smart mobility.

All our virtual cycle finishers will get an e-certificate.

Freedom Cycle Sign up
© FNF Philippines

Who can join?

Anyone can join! Make this your friends’ or family activity, or your solo ride.

What will I get by participating?

Apart from the shirt and bike reflector should you be among the first 200 to complete 15KM, and getting an e-certificate after finishing the race, you will meet new friends, and become part of a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle, safe commuting, and efficient transport.

How can I join?

There are three easy steps to register: 1) Fill up the Google Form at; 2) Create a Strava account and join Freedom Cycle Club; 3) Wait for your race bib!

On Strava, search for Freedom Cycle Club, and click Request to Join. You can download the comprehensive step-by-step Strava guide here.

Registration period is from September 24 to October 23, 2021.

Freedom Cycle Prizes
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When and where do I bike?

Exercise your freedom! The required distance of 30 kilometers should be completed in seven days or one week, from October 25-31, 2021. Finish the race anywhere – outdoor or indoor, and anytime within this period.

How would the organizers know that I’ve completed the distance?

The Strava app will record your progress. The organizers, as the administrator of the Freedom Cycle Club on Strava, will have access to the members’ activities. We will know when you’ve finished race, and then we will email you your e-certificate and virtual postcard.

What is the objective of the Freedom Cycle event?

The activity is organized by FNF Philippines to promote smart mobility rights, and amplify initiatives towards a “safe, convenient, and affordable commute with dignity.” It serves as a call to action to prioritize transport-related legislation, such as the Commuters’ Bill of Rights that ensures the right to infrastructure for cyclists, and the right to a fair share of public road space.