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iMPACT Leadership Launches TAKBO Kabataan Video Series

TAKBO Coaching Series

There remains a pervasive culture of ethical shortcomings that looms over aspiring leaders seeking to navigate the political landscape in the Philippines. The desire to create positive change is often overshadowed by systems meant to stall action and gradually diminish the drive of these aspiring leaders. The regional youth council elections happening later this month represent the first step young leaders often take to be integrated in the field of national politics. This has often been the test of ethics that would later mold these leaders' political identity. The TAKBO Kabataan Video Series of iMPACT Leadership, supported by the FNF Philippines, seeks to illuminate a path through this challenge, inspiring young Filipinos to rise above this culture and take the reins of leadership. It shares the stories of young leaders who have triumphed over these obstacles and provide guidance from several in-depth interviews.

TAKBO Coaching Series 2

With this video series iMPACT Leadership hopes to foster a culture of civic engagement. Beyond inspiration, TAKBO Kabataan equips aspiring leaders with tangible tools. The series will be structured around five core areas, each offering practical guidance. Different episodes will be dedicated towards understanding the basics of government and politics. The series will also delve into the art of crafting messages that resonate with voters, effectively distinguishing leaders from their counterparts. It underscores the use of social media and advertising to communicate effectively. The series will also teach how to build and manage a team as well as how to generate a campaign culture that embodies positivity. iMPACT recognizes that the capacity to connect deeply with constituents is pivotal. With this, the series hopes to impart strategies for forging strong relationships within communities, attending local events, and establishing a digital presence that is founded on truth and transparency.


The series will also touch on financial strategies that young leaders can employ in their campaign. Young leaders will be taught how to create budgets, identify potential donors, and demonstrate, through their own practice, the correct measures for accounting and auditing their campaign's finances. iMPACT understands how understanding all these necessary components is crucial for success in the political arena. The first two episodes are now currently streaming at iMPACT Leadership's Facebook page. Click on the links below to watch: