Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship
From Ideas to Action: Project Youth CORE Transforms Youth into Entrepreneurs

Youth Core 1

In the past two months, FNF Philippines has supported two annual youth summits that sought to harness the ingenuity of today's youth with projects they planned to implement among their schools and communities. Continuing this quest to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators, LGU Del Carmen & FNF Philippines collaborated for an ambitious project that took root in November 2022. The Project Youth CORE (Champion Organizations in Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship) is a dynamic initiative designed to revolutionize the landscape of youth leadership and entrepreneurship.

While the Friedrich Naumann Foundation champions the ideals of economic freedom, innovation, and opportunity, it's projects like Youth CORE that breathe life into these ideals. This partnership reflects a vision where young leaders emerge as champions of change, ready to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape.

Youth Core 2

The first phase of the project began implementation as LGU Del Carmen sought to identify different youth groups among their municipality. LGU Del Carmen & FNF Philippines recognize how these organizations are fundamental in building a community of young visionaries. The next step involved scouting youth-led business establishments to benchmark success stories. This benchmarking process was conducted to understand the practicalities of real-world entrepreneurship given the tools that are now readily available for these youth organizations.

This initiative was then applied through a workshop that trained the delegates on the basics of how to grow a business. It was about equipping these delegates with the knowledge they needed to conceptualize their own business proposals. The most critical phase, however, involved the drafting of actionable steps to realize these proposals. Guided by mentors who knew the ropes of entrepreneurship, the youth embarked on the journey of turning their ideas into reality. As these proposals took shape, they were not just ideas on paper; they were projects that could be gauged for potential feasibility.

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Project Youth CORE understood that ambition without guidance is like a ship without a compass. This is where the support training and enhancement of project proposals came into play. These developed proposals received constructive criticism, expert insights, and the wisdom needed to turn good ideas into great ones.

In the culminating activity of Phase I, the Annual Youth Summit was held this past October 14 to 15. It was a celebration of innovation, determination, and youthful energy. The summit became the stage for the enhanced business project proposals to shine and allow the delegates to exhibit their innovative ideas.

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For FNF Philippines, this project continues the foundation's foray into seeing a generation rise as champions of change. Like the 15th Annual Youth Leadership Summit held in Baguio just weeks before, Project Youth Core upheld the values of economic freedom, innovation, and provided a promise for the endless opportunities that lie ahead. The youth of this generation continue to surpass the capacities of what came before as they begin to capitalize on the new tools and technologies that provide boundless avenues for their potential.

Watch Dr. Almut's Opening Remarks to the event below: