International Academy for Leadership
IAF 2023 Program List

IAF Program List

The International Academy for Leadership (IAF) is now accepting applicants for the 2023 batch of seminars. The programs are designed to build the capacities of interested individuals in international and political dialogue.

The FNF Philippine office nominates and sends local applicants to the IAF Academy in Gummersbach, as well as other German and European venues where these seminars are held. If you are interested in participating, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Apply online via the link in the seminar description
  2. Attach the following to your online application
    1. Updated Curriculum Vitae
    2. Letter of intent (addressed to the FNF PH Country Director)
    3. Data page of your valid passport
  3. Forward your confirmation email to Sofi Atanacio, Project Officer at stating that you have completed your application
  4. Include the same attachments to your email

Due to the current pandemic situation, this programme may be subject to change and details will be adapted according to the given situation. Please contact us in case of any questions


Program List:

(Note: This page will continue to be updated once information for the other programs becomes available.)


Coalition Building and Strategic Partnership, January 29 - February 5, 2023

This seminar will address essential skills needed to build and manage coalitions and strategic partnerships. These include leadership and negotiation skills and the ability to build teams and networks of support. Strong communication skills are required to exchange views and positions internally within the coalition / partnership and externally with stakeholders and the public. This workshop will develop among its participants a clear and mutually agreeable decision-making matrix and other tools that can facilitate the success of a collaboration.

Target Group:

Leaders from liberal political parties and liberal civil society organizations, as well as political consultants

Application form:


Deadline of Applications: November 7, 2022


  • Coalition Building & Strategic Partnership 2023 - Abstract of the program