Leadership in FNF
Honoring Dr. Rainer Adam: A Grateful Farewell to FNF Philippines' Interim Country Director

Thank You Dr. Adam

When it comes to dedicated service, leadership that inspires, and a resolute commitment to fostering democracy, freedom, and liberal values, Dr. Rainer Adam has been nothing short of a guiding light during his tenure as the Interim Country Director of FNF Philippines. With his trusty ukulele in hand, Dr. Adam entered the FNF Makati office with his signature smile and was quick to rally everyone's enthusiasm and team spirit. No concern was small enough not to be discussed and no issue was too daunting to overcome. Dr. Adam embraced the different facets of the culture with grace and imbued even the most mundane of tasks with an impromptu composition that would be difficult to resist.

As we welcome our new country director, Dr. Almut Besold, it is with deep gratitude and admiration that we reflect on the incredible journey Dr. Adam has taken us on during the past few months.

Thank You Dr. Adam 1

Dr. Rainer Adam, a true professional with a wealth of experience in the fields of development, governance, and international cooperation, stepped into the role of Interim Country Director for FNF Philippines at a crucial juncture. Between December 2022 to August 2023, Dr. Adam's leadership had left an indelible mark at the local office and the Philippines' liberal community. He understood the unique challenges facing the Philippines and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the values that the Friedrich Naumann Foundation upholds. Under his stewardship, FNF Philippines continued to advance its mission of promoting democracy, individual liberty, and freedom.

One of Dr. Adam's notable contributions is his dedication to mentoring and empowering the next generation of leaders. He invested time and effort in nurturing the talents within the FNF Philippines team, inspiring them to reach greater heights in their work. His leadership style, characterized by openness, accessibility, and a genuine interest in the growth of his colleagues, will endure in the work of FNF Philippines. Beyond the confines of the local office, Dr. Adam also extended his influence to the broader community through insightful discussions, lectures, and public engagements. His willingness to engage in dialogues with a diverse range of individuals and groups has enriched the development of liberal ideas both in the Philippines and in the international community.

Thank You Dr. Adam 2

During several of his trips to the Philippines, Dr. Adam reinforced the foundation's relationships with its partner organizations. He attended several programs and met with many of our partners to chart and give insight on how our shared values could be better translated for future activities. He was also adamant that the local staff practice these same principles within the office to improve our commitment with the goals we shared among colleagues as well as with our partners.

Thank You Dr. Adam 3

As we reflect on the journey we have embarked on together, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Rainer Adam for his transformative impact. We look forward to the continuation of his liberal advocacy in his future endeavors. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation, FNF Philippines, and the liberal community at large are deeply grateful for his contributions. Dr. Adam's legacy will continue to inspire us as we work toward a more open, free, and democratic world.