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Freedom Vlog Masterclass!

Be the next online viral sensation! Join the “Freedom Vlog: Ang Kwentong Komyuter!” Vlogging Masterclass.
Freedom Vlog Masterclass
Freedom Vlog Masterclass © FNF Philippines

Freedom of movement is a human right. It is about the mobility to travel freely from place to place, to gain livelihood. It is the foundation of a healthy society anchored on a progressive economy. It is one of the keys to the future of smart and sustainable cities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected freedom of movement both in the rural and urban areas. As travel restrictions begin to ease up, there are old and new stories about mobility restrictions that remain to be addressed: lack of economical transportation options, road congestion given the number of private vehicles, and breakdown of the public transport system. Nevertheless, there are also positive developments, for instance, more people using bikes to get to their destination.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation – Philippines would like to put the spotlight on smart mobility and active transport through creative and candid storytelling! “Ang Kwentong Komyuter Vlog Masterclass” will identify gaps in the public transport system as well as existing and possible solutions that allow individuals to optimize freedom of movement.

Join Now and Become a Freedom Vlogger!

If you are a Filipino vlogger, social media influencer, a content creator, an advocate or a commuter who is interested in making an impact through videos, the Vlogging Masterclass is a great opportunity for you to learn about advocacy building and content development. The mentors of the masterclass will guide you in creating that next viral video!

A 30-60 seconds vlog entry will be required after the masterclass, and FNF pre-selection committee will choose the ten (10) freedom vloggers with the best entries. They will receive PHP 15,000 contribution to the production cost and shall undergo a review session with the mentors.

The 10 Best Vlog entries will be uploaded on YouTube on 22 Novemeber 2021 and will be featured on our website and social media on the Freedom Vlog Week on 22-26 November 2021. The video with the highest number of views on YouTube will then receive an additional PHP 5,000, to be announce on 29 November 2021.

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18 October 2021 – Call for Applications

5 November 2021 – Deadline of Applications

9 to 10 November 2021 – Freedom Vlog Masterclass

14 November 2021 – Freedom Vlog Output Submission

17-18 November 2021 – Freedom Vlog Review Session

21 November 2021 – Final Output Submission

22-26 November 2021 – Freedom Vlog Week