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Freedom Virtual Cycle 2022

Freedom Cyclists, we're back for another virtual cycle. Are you ready to take the #CommutersNaman to the roads?
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Sign up for FNF Philippines' cycling event, and receive a freedom shirt!

Bike at your own pace at any location! Complete 50 kilometers and increase public awareness and participation in mobility rights!


What is a virtual cycling event?

A virtual cycling event is a race event that can be completed at your convenience. Complete the required distance at any point during the given time window at a location of your choice. There's no official starting line!

Your race record is maintained by a fitness app. The details are shared with the race organizer who will monitor your progress, and send your virtual cycle completion kit!

Is there any registration fee?

Unlike other virtual races, we’re not requiring a joining fee. We only need your commitment to engage with the Freedom Cyclists for smarter mobility community.

The first 500 virtual cycle finishers to post on the Freedom Cycle Club online community will get a shirt. All participants will get an e-certificate.

Who can join?

The Freedom Virtual Cycle is open to all adult cyclists from 18 years old and above. If you’ve been to any of our seminars, workshops, or any public events, you should get an invitation to join from the FNF Philippines.

How can I join?

Complete the registration form, and download the Strava fitness app. It’s free! Search for the Freedom Virtual Cycle Club on the app. Click Request to Join, and we’ll admit you. We also prepared a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you. Download here.

Registration period is from June 11 – July 17, 5PM.

When and where do I run?

Exercise your freedom! The required distance of 50 kilometers should be completed in five days, from July 25-29, 2022. The race recording will start from 5:00 AM of July 25 and will end at exactly 6:00 PM, July 29. Finish the race anywhere and anytime within this period.

How would the organizers know that I’ve completed the distance?

The organizers, as the administrator of the Freedom Virtual Cycle Club on Strava, will have access to the members’ activities. The record on the Strava will serve as documentation of the finished cycle. The first 500 to post finishing 50KM on the Freedom Cycle Club community will receive the finisher shirt. We will take note of the time stamp on Facebook.

What would I get by participating?

By joining, you will meet new friends, and together, promote mobility rights!

If you’re a competitive cyclist, you will receive Freedom Cycle Finisher shirt and be one of the champions of the #keepmovingforfreedom campaign as well as the fight for smart mobility solutions.

Quick Guide for Freedom Cycle
© FNF Philippines
  • 1. Registration starts on 11 June until 17 July 2022, 5:00 PM. Note that late registration might result in a much later delivery or race kits.

    2. Submit your google registration form and download the Strava Fitness App. It’s Free. Search Freedom Cycle Club on the app. You will only be admitted once google forms have been accomplished. Request to Join and we’ll admit you.

    3. We also prepared a step-by-step guide for you. Download file below.

    4. You will receive a confirmation email along with your race bib once you have successfully registered.


  • 1.         The 50km virtual race could be completed at the participants’ own pace. Finish the race any time at any location from 25-29 July 2022.

    2.         The race is open from ages 18 and above. All participants must sign a waiver.

    3.         The race record is maintained by a fitness app.

    4.         No joining fee is required. However, the participants are required to join the Strava club app and the Freedom Cyclers for Smarter Mobility Facebook group where updates will be posted.

    5.         Race bibs will be released from 18-22 July 2022.  Certificates will be released upon completion of the 50km event. 

    6.         First 500 cyclists to post finishing 50KM will receive Freedom Cycle 2022 shirt. 

    7.         The organizers will not provide meals, water, and safety gear for the participants.