Four women entrepreneurs showcased in the FNF’s StartHer project

StartHer Showcase

The four empowered women entrepreneurs featured in the StartHer Project of the FNF-Philippines.


As part of the FNF's Female Forward campaign, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Philippines organized the StartHER Showcase: Celebrating Buzzworthy Babae-led Business to highlight the inspiring stories of innovative women entrepreneurs and their endeavors toward economic autonomy through their small-scale businesses. This event was held on April 27, 2024 in Makati, featuring four women-owned and operated small businesses.

The primary goal of this event is to champion women's rights and recognize their significant contributions to the economy and society. Through this showcase, women entrepreneurs are provided a platform to share their entrepreneurial journeys and inspire others.

The speakers included Ms. Pebbles Sanchez-Ogang from MommyKi The SUPER Pet App, Chef Janina Zamora from Arc & Vine Café, Ms. Jopie Sanchez and Timmy Potenciano from Nawa Philippines, and Ms. Carmaela Alcantara from Crystal Seas.

Pebbles’s MommyKi is the first-ever all-in-one mobile application for pet products and services, from birth to rebirth. The innovative platform stems from the co-founders' personal journey as pet owners and is named in honor of their beloved 14-year-old Yorkie, Mommy Ki, who passed away during the pandemic. Their mission is to assist pet parents through a convenient, accessible, and comprehensive tech-enabled solution, while also supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and nonprofit organizations within the pet community.

On the other hand, Jopie and Timmy of Nawa Philippines aspire not only to craft beautiful jewelry but to imbue them with a distinct Filipino essence. Their business specializes in creating stunning bangles crafted by T'Boli brass artisans, aiming to showcase their remarkable attention to detail to a wider audience while providing a steady source of livelihood for a family from the T’boli tribe in Lake Sebu.

Inspired by Chef Sydney of the Bear series, Chef Janina endeavors to revolutionize the traditional kitchen culture plagued by toxicity to foster a more harmonious environment. With over a decade of experience in the food service industry, her dream is to cultivate a kitchen where every individual's creativity is celebrated and valued. She also chose to tailor-make her menu to Arc & Vine’s community of students and local residents, focusing on comforting food and good coffee.

Carmaela of Crystal Seas offers a range of handwoven and handcrafted products, including bags, wallets, and purses, which are now exported to countries like Australia and New York. Their creations have also been featured during the Paris Week. With her dream of sharing Mindanaoan products worldwide starting to come to fruition, she now aims for the Philippines to know more about Crystal Seas as a brand that maintains integrity and respect for Mindanaoan artisans and indigenous materials.

This article is written by Pie Escobar, the Communication Officer for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office

StartHer Showcase Sample Products

Sample Products from Nawa Philippines, Arc and Vine Cafe, and Crystal Seas with a briefer from Mommy Ki.