FNF Philippines and PPVR launched a report on mapping women legislation in the Caraga region

PPVR Book Launching

Ms. Concepcion "Chit" Asis, Lead Convenor of PPVR Caraga and author of the research paper with Ms. Sofia Atanacio, Program Officer of FNF-Philippines and Mr. Alexander Makinano, Chairperson of Regional Gender and Development Committee in Caraga. 


With the goal of advancing gender-sensitive policies and bolstering the participation of women in politics, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Philippines in collaboration with People Power Volunteers for Reform (PPVR) Caraga unveiled the publication titled “Research Report on Mapping of Women Legislations, Programs and Activities in Selected Provinces, Cities and Municipalities in Aid Legislations and Program Implementation in the Caraga Region” on April 30, 2024, from 8:00 am to 12:00 nn at Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center in Butuan City.

Authored by Ms. Concepcion "Chit" Asis, Lead Convenor of PPVR Caraga, the paper delves into local women's legislation in selected areas of the Caraga region, aiming to assess the adequacy of existing laws in improving women's lives. Primary data were gathered through interviews with women legislators in local government units (LGUs), local gender and development focal point systems of LGUs, national government agencies, and leaders of civil society organizations. FNF Philippines provided support in conducting the mapping study and in presenting the preliminary findings of the report to the public.

The primary objective of this endeavor is to facilitate the development of a region-wide Gender Code that consolidates local ordinances concerning women and gender equality with assistance of FNF Philippines. The legislation will ultimately serve as a guide for LGUs in formulating policies, plans, and programs to address gender issues.

Alexander Makinano, Chairperson of Regional Gender and Development Committee in Caraga attended the event as a reactor while Ms. Sofia Atanacio, Project Officer, represented FNF Philippines.

Youth Formation Training II

The FNF Philippines in partnership with PPVR Caraga conducted the Youth Formation Training II: Towards an Active Youth Citizenship to equip local youth leaders from across the region with the skills necessary to become future political leaders.

Held from April 30 to May 1, 2024, at Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center, the event comprised various sessions which focused on self-improvement and community involvement to guide participants on how they can contribute to personal growth and community development.

One of the sessions, titled "Caraga Youth Situation," aimed to evaluate the current status of youth in Caraga and explore ways for them to positively influence their peers in the region.

The event culminated in a commitment ceremony, during which participants pledged to become exemplary political leaders with values of integrity, honesty, and respect.

Two youth leaders who are immersed in youth and community development co-facilitated the event and kept the participants engaged through hands-on workshops and self-reflection sessions.

This article is written by Pie Escobar, the Communication Officer for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office

Participants of the Youth Formation Training II

The participants of the Youth Formation Training II pose a photo with Ms. Chit Asis of PPVR Caraga.