Finding Policies That Work

Examining the Case of Filipino Freelancers
Philippine Publication

Freelancing has become a booming industry in the Philippines, providing an additional income and opportunities for workers. While the government has shown support for freelancers, there is still a lack of data and legislation protecting their rights.

This policy brief identifies reasons why Filipinos engage in online freelancing, including flexibility, faster work turnaround, inclusivity, career development, and higher salaries. It also highlights structural factors driving Filipinos towards freelance work. Concerns among freelancers include the lack of social benefits, job security, insurance, and difficulties in filing taxes.

Despite being a signatory to international labor agreements, the Philippines lacks comprehensive domestic legislation governing freelance work. This gap is expected to widen as more Filipinos join the freelance labor force. The policy brief recommends short-, medium-, and long-term solutions to integrate freelancers into the formal economy and address their concerns. The government must adapt flexible policies to protect the rights of freelancers and maximize the benefits of this growing sector.

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