Defending Democracy
Defending Democracy: Leila de Lima's Acquittal and the Fight Against Political Persecution

Leila De Lima

Former Senator Leila de Lima's recent acquittal has brought significant relief and renewed hope to those who have followed her unjust imprisonment. Her detainment stemmed from allegations of involvement in the illegal drug trade during her tenure as Secretary of the Department of Justice in the Philippines. Last May 12, marks the second victory out of the three cases filed against her during former president Rodrigo Duterte's administration. 

The charges have been heavily criticized for being politically motivated. They were built upon testimonies from convicted drug lords with questionable credibility. Circumstances surrounding her arrest raised doubts about the fairness of the legal proceedings. In the years since her sudden detainment on February 2017, human rights organizations and advocates around the world have expressed solidarity with De Lima, highlighting concerns about the erosion of democratic values and the rule of law in the Philippines.

Leila De Lima

De Lima has long been an advocate for human rights and democracy in the country. Her courageous stance and resilience in the face of relentless attacks and vilification have made her a symbol of unwavering dedication to the principles she holds dear. Throughout her ordeal, FNF Philippines has been a consistent supporter of De Lima's cause, standing with her in her quest for justice.

FNF, known for its commitment to promoting liberal values and democratic principles, recognizes the vital role of an independent judiciary in safeguarding the rights and freedoms of individuals. De Lima's acquittal not only represents a legal victory but also a triumph for freedom itself. It sends a powerful message that no one should be silenced or deprived of their liberty for political reasons. Her resilience against political persecution, underscores the need for a fair and impartial justice system that upholds the principles of due process and the presumption of innocence.

Leila De Lima

Leila de Lima's advocacy for human rights and democracy extends beyond her own case. From 2010 to 2015, De Lima initiated high-profile investigations into cases of human rights abuses, drug trafficking, and corruption. She led the probe on extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances during the country's anti-drug campaign. Her resoluteness to uphold the rule of law and the rights of the marginalized has earned her recognition and admiration both nationally and internationally. Her collaboration with FNF Philippines is rooted in this shared commitment of advancing liberal values, protecting human rights, and promoting democratic ideals.

De Lima's victory serves as a reminder that the fight for freedom and democracy requires collective efforts. FNF Philippines and its allies will continue to stand alongside those who champion freedom, advocating for change, and demanding accountability.