Smart Cities
Smart City Talks: Future Mobility


"Smart City Talks: Future Mobility" was held on December 3 to discuss the latest mobility developments. Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea Office, together with the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, organized the live-streamed online event.

During the event, Dr. Hwasoo Yeo, Professor at KAIST & Master Planner for Mobility in Sejong City shared his insights into Sejong City; how the Korean smart city pilot city in Sejong incorporated the smart mobility concept within its smart city strategy. Ms. Ae Lee, Business Manager at Hyundai Autoever, also presented the company's innovative mobility solutions.

The Smart City Talks features a series of events focusing on smart city areas such as sustainable mobility, innovative ICT and digitalization initiatives, smart buildings, and infrastructure. The series highlights innovative smart city solutions and provides a platform for decision-makers and practitioners to exchange knowledge and experience on smart cities' latest trends.

The event was streamed in real-time on the YouTube channel of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's Korea Office and got uploaded later on the channel for more viewers. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there were only speakers and organizing staff on site.

YouTube Video