Roundtable seminar on “Covid-19 responses and consequences in Europe and Korea”

Covid-19 responses and consequences in Europe and Korea

On Friday, May 14th, the Korean Society of Contemporary European Studies and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom jointly organized a roundtable seminar on “Covid-19 responses and consequences in Europe and Korea”.

In the first session, Sae Won CHUNG showed how the EU is dealing with disinformation in the Covid-era and what South Korea could adapt from this approach. Hoyoon JUNG focussed on how the Covid-19 pandemic has lead to a deterioration of democracy around the world.

In the second session, Yoo-duk KANG looked at fiscal implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and how countries set up huge recovery programs to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. Bong-chul KIM then looked at the role of international economic law and how Europe-Korea economic relations in a post Covid-19 world will look like.

The discussants Hayann Lee, Joohyun GO, Sang-wuk AHN and Jeonghun HAN provided critical and important feedback to the presenters. Interesting and lively discussions took place, leading to a better understanding of the current Covid-19 situation in Europe and Korea. Both, Korea and Europe, still face various challenges but an economic recovery and a restart of closer cooperation in all areas seem possible.

KSCES-FNF Roundtable Seminar Program

Session 1

Session 2