Reshaping Europe
An Overview of South Korean Media’s EU Representation before and after COVID-19

A Semantic Network Approach
Semantic Network of EU-related News Items (2018-2019)

Taken from the policy paper. This graph shows the semantic network of EU-related News items (2018-2019)

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast and East Asia and Prof. Sae Won Chung from Pukyong National University have collaborated to produce a policy paper entitled “Overviewing South Korean Media’s EU Representation before and after COVID-19: A Semantic Network Approach”. The paper aims to analyse the South Korean media representation of the EU pre- and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Sae Won Chung writes that during pre-COVID-19, the two major themes in South Korean media were Brexit and US-China trade dispute, which refer to the EU’s structural changes and to the EU’s challenges to global economic leadership respectively. However, post-COVID-19, the theme shifts towards the­ handling of the pandemic. However, what is clear from the paper is that economic-related themes remained a crucial topic in South Korean newspapers throughout. Therefore, Prof. Sae Won Chung provides recommendations on further enhancing South Korean’s perception of the EU within this policy paper.

We would like to say thank you to Prof. Sae Won Chung  for this policy paper, as it gives an initial insight into South Korean’s perception of the dynamic relationship between the EU and South Korea. 


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Dr Sae Won Chung is an assistant professor of international and area studies at Pukyong National University. His research interests lie in international relations (EU’s global images/perceptions, EU’s international relations with China and Russia), media/communication (International Political Communication), linguistics (Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics), and Data Science (Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing).

Dr Sae Won CHUNG