Lecture series: Korean Peninsula and International Relations

1st Lecture on "The Evolution of the International Order and the Future of South Korea's Diplomatic Strategy"
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On October 5, 2023, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea office (FNF Korea) in collaboration with Chung Ang University's academic exchange club, Research Group on Korea’s Future, kicked off its inaugural lecture in the "Korean Peninsula and International Relations" series.

"Research Group on Korea’s Future" at Chung Ang University is a university club where students come together to exchange ideas and gain insights into the challenges and prospects of both Koreas, including the path to reunification. The lecture series will bring together top scholars from various fields to explore areas of interest, focusing on the theme "Korea in a Changing International Landscape." Diving into subjects such as "Understanding the Korean Peninsula and International Relations," "US-Korea Relations," and "Korea-China Relations," the objective is to enhance participants' academic proficiency and motivation.

The first lecture took place at Chung Ang University in Seoul, with Kang Hyun, President of Han Mi Yeon, delivering the opening remarks. Frederic Spohr, the Head of FNF Korea, extended a warm welcome to the attending students.

Professor Chung Jaesung, Seoul National University is delivering a presentation

Professor Chun Jaesung, Seoul National University is delivering a presentation

Exploring Korean Peninsula and International Relations

Chun Jaesung, a Professor at Seoul National University, gave an insightful presentation on "The Evolution of the International Order and the Future of South Korea's Diplomatic Strategy." Professor Chung delved into the future of South Korea's diplomatic approach in light of ongoing shifts in the international order. His discussion revolved around theories of international order and global politics, exploring the concept of a new world order characterized by a multi-order and interpolarity. He also touched upon complex issues such as the Ukraine conflict, the rise of the Global South, US-China-Russia relations, and President Biden's diplomatic strategies as key factors influencing North Korea's position in the global order and the future of the Korean Peninsula.

Following the presentation, students engaged in a Q&A session, where they had the opportunity to pose questions and engage in discussions on a wide range of topics, including exit strategies for the Ukraine conflict, the direction of Middle East politics, and the diplomatic strategies that Korean Peninsula should consider. It was a lively exchange of ideas and insights between the Professor and the students.

The next lecture will be held on the 23rd of November.