Jay's Experience at FNF Korea

(Intern from August to October)

Please introduce yourself and let us know what motivated you to do an internship at FNF Korea.

Hello guys! I´m Jay (Ji Hyeong) from Germany studying political science and law in Munich. During the period from August to October I had a great opportunity to work at the FNF Korea and learn about the functions and the tasks of an international political foundation. The FNF Korea was an attractive opportunity for me to experience practical relevance for my academic path. Also, as a German with Korean roots FNF Korea gave me a whole different view on South Korea and its history.

What were the most important things you learned when you worked with FNF Korea?

First, the FNF Korea is a great place to work at and especially with amazing colleagues. There is no good output without a good team and the FNF Team puts his afford to achieve the best possible goal.

Personally, I learned the system of political foundations and how they promote themselves. During the internship I had good opportunities to set my own output by writing my own article and a policy paper. Due to COVID19, events  mostly took place online or got cancelled. Furthermore, an important part of this internship includes to meet new people in diverse working fields.

Was the work at the FNF office and life in Korea different to what you expected?

Times, where Corona measures restricting our freedom in the daily life means a different lifestyle wherever you are. In this case, my life in Korea and my activities during my internship were not normal than usual, what I´ve heard so far. All in all, my intern-life in the office and outside of the office was better than expected.

Seoul offers so much diversity and opportunity from the beautiful cafes to local food, from the mountains to the modern Gangnam district and many other things. You should definitely take your time to explore the megacity. I also recommend a short trip to Jeju-Island!

To whom would you recommend an internship with FNF Korea?

South Korea is not a country nearby Germany. Planning and organizing is a must, if you want to work at the FNF Korea as an intern. I really recommend the internship to those, who are interested in the Korean peninsula, in politics generally and embodies the liberal democratic value. Open for different societies and respecting their culture is also an important aspect, but it counts for every country.

Any advice or warnings for potential future interns?

Your stay in Seoul should not only be filled with your internship. FNF Korea is so attractive because it gives you the opportunity and the time to learn more than inside the office. Meeting new people, friends and as I said exploring the city should be added into your bucket list.

  •  If you have a long semester break, you should apply for this period! (just a recommendation)
  • My advice for your social life: find a group of exchange students, they have similar interests and are very active in sightseeing, food-exploring and for all the night life events in Seoul! (just a recommendation)
  • It´s Corona time!
  • inform yourself about your Visa, quarantine stay and your budget. Corona makes everything more expensive than expected. But: always take the step at least try to come to Seoul! If there is a will, there is a way, right?