Reshaping Europe
FNF-KSCES Roundtable seminar on 'EU as a Global Player'

Speaker Lee Jongsue is giving a presentation

Prof. Lee, Jong Sue from Jungwon university is giving a presentation at the FNF-KSCES Roundtable seminar on 'EU as a Global Player' on November 10th, 2022.

On November 10th 2022, FNF Korea and the Korean Society of Contemporary European Studies (KSCES) held a round table seminar at Jinjinsura Gwanghwamun in Seoul. The event aimed to offer opportunities to delve deeper into the current and future role of EU in the world to discuss strategic solutions to strengthen it.

The seminar began with a short introduction by moderator Pang, Chung Rok, President of KSCES. First, Jun, Hae-Won from Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security presented on ‘The Russian-Ukraine War and the Strategic Transformation of Europe’. By analyzing NATO's 2022 Strategic Concept, she talked about the EU’s security landscape, EU-US relations, and its implications for Asia-Pacific countries under the new threat of war in Ukraine.

The second presentation was given by Kim, Yongmin from Konkuk University who spoke about ‘Comparison of Policies of Korea, China and Japan towards EU (Europe)’. While stating the differences between the three countries in Northeast Asia in their relations to EU, Kim also pointed out that each of these countries only focuses on its bilateral relationship to EU and stressed the need for a multilateral cooperation of Northeast Asia towards EU.

Lastly, Lee, Jong Sue from Jungwon university delivered the last presentation on ‘EU's 2021 New Trade Policy and Asia Strategy’. The presentation dealt with EU’s 2021 trade policy, especially changes in its FTA strategies with Asian countries such as its Non-Trade Agenda on sustainability and human rights issue. The presentations were followed by a discussion, attended by 6 panellists who initiated interesting discussions such as on the role of Europe and South Korea in denuclearization of North Korea.