Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Strategies of Jeju Local Government

2022 FNF-KLID Online Seminar Series on Digital Transformation
Park Kibum is giving a presentation on Youtube

FNF Korea and its partner Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID) held a seminar on digital transformation at the Amethyst Hall, Glad Hotel in Jeju on September 16th, 2022. Following the success of the last year’s joint online seminar series on Living Lab specifically targeted at local government officials, this year FNF Korea and KLID host a seminar series together with a theme of “Digital Transformation”.

While this seminar continued with the same topic of ‘Examples of digital transformation of local governments’ as the third seminar held in July, this time it focused on the examples of Jeju. The event took place in Jeju as an effort to more actively engage Jeju local governments and locally promote the program. 

Before the seminar begins, Koo Man-Seop, the Acting Governor of the Jeju Provincial Government and Lee Jae-young, President of KLID gave a greeting speech, appreciating continued attendance and support of the participants for the seminar series.

The seminar started with the first presentation by Park Ki-Bum, Team Lead of Big Data Team of Jeju. With the topic of “Digital Transformation Cases of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province”, Park emphasized the importance of data-driven administration in the local government and showed some examples of how Jeju has made the data open to the public through Jeju Data Hub.

A second presentation was given by Hong Sung-kwon, Digital Convergence Division Supervisor of Jeju who spoke about “Wheel-Navi-Trail following the Olle Trail for Accessible Jeju. Pave a ‘Path’ that never existed in the world.” The ‘Wheel-Navi’ provides road guidance services to make tourist attractions of Jeju barrier-free as possible for the disabled, the elderly, and pregnant women by constructing location information including stairs, slopes, construction sites, and toilets. These data are used to check the exact location of users and guides them through a safe route to their destination.

Research professor Min-Jung Oh from Hongik University moderated a Q&A session at the end of the seminar. This was the fourth and the last seminar of the series this year.

Watch the whole event on Youtube

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