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FNF-KLID Online Seminar on Living Lab: Living Lab Cases in Daegu City


FNF Korea and its partner, the Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID), held the second seminar of the series on living labs in South Korea on June, 16th 2021, three months after the first seminar in March 2021. The event was once again streamed live on YouTube, focusing on the topic of “Living Lab Cases in Daegu City,” also giving information about how to possibly handle the Covid-19 situation in the local level.

The second seminar consisted of one presentation and one general discussion round afterward moderated by Min-Jung Oh, Professor at the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. With welcoming remarks from Dr. Christian Taaks, Head of FNF Korea, the seminar started, followed by the presentation from Hee-Dae Kim, Director of the Technopark in Daegu.

He talked about living lab implementation cases and know-how in Daegu City, explaining how to effectively implement the concept of living labs into the smart city by also creating a platform of interactive communication and innovation between citizens and authorities.  He also talked about how to solve challenges in cities with the help of modern and sustainable technology, stressing the fact that the participation of the citizens plays a key role. At the end of his presentation, the presenter gave as an example current practices of the Daegu City, one of the winners in the “2021 Bloomberg Mayors Challenge”.

The moderator of the event, Professor Min-Jung Oh from Sungkyunkwan University, wrapped up the seminar with a discussion between Jong-Wook Jang, Chairman of SOILAB, and presenter Mr. Kim. Both answered selected questions and also questions from the live chat on YouTube.

YouTube Video

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