Dary's Experience at FNF Korea

Intern at FNF Korea (January-February 2019)

Please introduce yourself and let us know what motivated you to do an internship at FNF Korea.

Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Dary, I was the intern at FNF Korea from January to February 2019. I'm studying Governance and Public Policy and after i finished my exchange Semester in South Africa I was looking for a new challange to gain practical experience. The purpose for me to do an internship at FNF Korea was beside the fact that I wanted get first-hand experience in an international political organization, the historical similarities between Korea and Germany in terms of separation and possible reunification. 

What were the most important things you learned when you worked with FNF Korea?

Of all the things I learned at FNF Korea, two things stood out most. The first and most important is the value of communication. Whether communicating at the office, when staying in touch with partners and alumnis, or on the international political level: the significance of communication and dialogue cannot be stressed enough. The second most important thing I learned was that since I really enjoyed my work, I can very much imagine to work for an international organziation in the future. 

Was the work at the FNF office and life in Korea different to what you expected?

I somehow expected that my life in Korea will be good but it turned out to be incredible! I'm still fascinated by what Korea and especially Seoul has to over. Not only does Korea offer one of the best food cultures in the world (in my opinion), it also offers safety, culture and a great nightlife. What posively surprised me was the engagement from every single person in the Office. Regardless of work or on personal level, I received helping hands which helped me to settle down in Korea and at the Office. 

To whom would you recommend an internship with FNF Korea?

I would recommend the internship at FNF Korea to a young liberal who would like to improve the situation on the Korean peninsula. If you inrested in Korean and East Asian culture, history, politics and economics and want to get experience in an international organization you should definitely apply for this internship. 

Any advice or warnings for potential future interns?

  • Don't be afraid! Nobody knows everything. If you don't know something or need some help don't hesitate to ask your colleagues in the office or others in Korea. They will help you. 
  • Get involved! Join for events or conference if possible. Not only will you learn a lot,  you will also meet many people and build up a network which is essential in politics. 
  • Make the most of your time and discover Korea! Yes the main reason why you go to Seoul is the internship but beside that, you should use your free time to see as much as possible of Korea! Depending on how long you stay in Korea, you can easily travel in Korea on weekends or holidays. The DMZ for example is only 50km away from Seoul. If you have the opportunity to stay a bit longer after the internship I highly recommend you to do so.
  • Once you start working free time is limted. But as a student you have the opportunity to work and to travel at the same time. Take that chance and benefit from it.