Facilitation Workshop
Bootcamp Facilitation: Make Workshops Work!

Group Picture

On 21st of August 2023, the workshop "Bootcamp Facilitation: Make Workshops Work!" of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Korea office started in Seoul. This workshop was led by the facilitator Sven Gerst, a renowned international facilitator and moderator.

The first day of the two-day facilitation boot camp focused on the question of what a facilitator is and what makes a good facilitator. In addition, the participants were confronted in group work with the question of how meetings or forums can be organized in the future. Through an interactive and constructive exchange, the participants generated an insight into the facilitator's perspective and can apply numerous tips for the next workshop. Advantages and disadvantages of methodological and didactic approaches were also discussed together and approaches to solutions were worked on together.

Group work

On 22 August 2023, the day started with an art lab in which the participants had to represent the concept of freedom in an abstract-artistic way. Four groups were formed and the participants exchanged ideas on what freedom means to them. This then had to be clarified and expressed in the form of a painted picture. These result were then presented afterwards. The participants also had the opportunity to organize and plan their own session. From this it became clear that the creation of an adequate program is very complex and often involves many complex components.

The participants could learn a lot about the role of the facilitator in this 2-day intensive facilitation bootcamp. In discussion rounds, the participants shared their previous experience and learned more with regard to future seminars. Above all, the importance of methodological-didactic highlights was conveyed. In the future, the participants as facilitators will probably give even more thought to an adequate approach to program creation.