Picture Summary
The World Order and Globalization Hub's 2023 Alumni Conference in Atlanta, GA

A Picture Summary
World Order and Globalization Hub Alumni Conference Participants in Atlanta

Recap of the World Order and Globalization Alumni Conference in Pictures

Last week the World Order and Globalization Hub hosted its annual Alumni Conference, this year in Atlanta. Besides learning a lot, a lot of fun was had and connections were formed. We have collected some pictures to recap the four day program. Check out what we were up to:

Group picture with participants and Claus Gramckow, Adam DuBard, and Anne-Marie Simon

After a welcome and introduction to the program by Head of the Office Claus Gramckow and Adam DuBard...

Welocme by Claus Gramckow and Adam DuBard

We met with Charlie Harper, an expert on Atlanta and Georgia politics:

Charlie Harper

Then, we hosted our first panel with four more to come over the four conference days.

Panel 1: The Future of Free Trade amid Rising Tides of Protectionism

  • Speaker 1: Sarah Baeumchen (Member of the Executive Board at the German Electro and Digital Industry Association (ZVEI))
  • Speaker 2: Dr. Cihan Dogan (Partner, CD Law, Turkey)
  • Speaker 3: Mihailo Gajic (Economic Research Director, Libek, Serbia)
  • Moderator: Petya Dyulgerova (Program Director of Media Development, America for Bulgaria, Bulgaria)
Panel 1


Tuesday was filled with interesting panel discussions, check out the various topics as well as participants who gave enlightening insights:

  • Panel 2: How to Build a More Inclusive Economy
    • Speaker 1: Given Edward (CEO, Mtabe Innovations, Tanzania)
    • Speaker 2: Claudiu Nasui (President of Entrepreneurship Committee, Parliament of Romania, Romania)
    • Speaker 3: Diana Martinez (Owner and General Manager, Joyeria Rosalila, Honduras)
    • Moderator: Cristina Lupu (Executive Director, Center for Independent Journalism, Romania)
Panel 2
  • Panel 3: The Post-Pandemic Economy and the Future of Work
    • Speaker 1: Rabea Zioud (Co-Founder and CEO, Hasoub, Israel)
    • Speaker 2: Pawani Khandelwal (Director, Aatm Nirbhar Learning Pvt Ltd. India)
    • Moderator: Jan Klesla (Digital Policy Advisor, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade)
Panel 3
  • Panel 4: The Global Economy and Systemic Competition
    • Speaker 1: Dr. Silvia Mercado (Project Coordinator Relial, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Latin America, Bolivia/Mexico)
    • Speaker 2: Dr. Tanja Porcnik (President, Visio Institute, Slovenia)
    • Speaker 3: Dr. Matthias Bauer (Director, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), Germany)
    • Moderator: Imran Furkan (CEO, Tresync, Australia/Sri Lanka)
Panel 4

After back-to-back-to-back panels, Claus Graumckow gave the group insight into the political situation and key developments in the US, while participants enjoyed a tasty lunch at the hotel:

Lunch and discussion on US politics with Claus Gramckow


Wednesday we had our final panel…

  • Panel 5: Navigating the Intersection of Business and Human Rights
    • Speaker 1: Shyamali Ranaraja
    • Speaker 2: Arindama Banerjee Wankhede
    • Speaker 3: Dr. Zoltan Somogyvari
    • Moderator: Khadija El Morabit
Panel 5

After which we had breakout sessions: How will the Russia-Ukraine war impact the global economy moving forward?

Breakout session
Breakout session

Thereafter, the group paid a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church, which was a powerful site to visit, reminding us of the violence people have faced to pave the way for the freedoms enjoyed today as well as the historical and cultural roots of core issues faced in the US today.


Ebenezer Church

Overall, the trip was overwhelmingly successful, and beyond learning a lot, as you can see, the participants had a great time:

Participants in matching colors
Group picture of some of the participants
Selfie time with Claus Gramckow
Group picture with some participants
Some participants at the King Center