Economic Course
Introducing Basic Economic Concepts to Youngsters


Students present their ideas in the Economic Concept Course 

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“This course makes me clearly understand economic theories and how they relate to Myanmar.  The lecturer really understand what kind of economy we have as nation".

FNF launches its first in-person course on basic economic concepts. Let's explore more about the course.

FNF Myanmar kicks off its first Course on Economics for youngsters and early or mid-career professionals. This is the first physical training kicked off since 2020.

With the compounded crisis caused by Covid and the Coup, Myanmar's Economy is projected to be shrunk by more than 5 percent. With soaring prices, weaker currencies, and losses in thousands of jobs, the recovery will be a long way to go.

“Most of the Economics Courses are very lectures-centered. And I think that is what makes people not to be interested in Econos though it’s something everyone should know about. So, with the curriculum expert who is also an Economist, we tried to design the course to be interactive, fun, practical, reflective and interesting, ” said Bia,k Hlei Sung, the Executive Program Manager of FNF Myanmar.

We select participants from different backgrounds; some are current university students who could not continue their studies due to the country'studie suation. For them, it is an opportunity to improve their English skills and prepare themselves for better education opportunities.  In addition, we also welcomes early and mid-life welcomeonals including SMEs who wish to learn more about Economics so that they can interpret economic situations and make better investment and business decisions, and forecast of the future.


Students discussion 

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In this extremely challenging economic and political situation in Myanmar, people must be well informed about the situation to be able to make informed decisions in everyday life. Too often, economics is presented as a theoretical exercise that does not help people to connect to their everyday experiences. A basic understanding of economics is a useful and necessary skill set to understand today world, especially the current conditions in Myanmar.

“This course makes me clearly understand economic theories and how they relate to Myanmar.  The lecturer rereally understand what kind of economy we have as nation. He will always relate to Myanmar situation.  At Myanmar' university, we are taught other nations about  economic situation.  But they never relate with the situation in Myanmar or talk about Myanmar in the lectures,” shared one participant about why he thought this course is different and practical.

One of the female participants also expressed what she liked about the course; “ with games that help us better understand about the EcoConcepts, group discussions and interactive lectures and presentation, this course really caught my at to the subject of Economics.”

Unlike many Economics Courses, this short economics course includes games, lectures and group activities abou,t key concepts and connects them to recent developments in Myanmar through class discussion and group learning by presenting key issues that have a particular significance in Myanmar today. Therefore, it is designed to be more interactive and engaging than most economics courses.